If anything were possible, what would you want to build?

If you are wondering who can help translate your vision into reality and maybe even take it to a higher level… 
We are ARDESS. 

Maybe you are a professional whose job it is to keep everyone happy and ensure not only “return on investments”, but also sound, sustainable and even award-winning architecture, which can give you well-earned recognition?

Maybe you are in search of someone who can manage a unique piece of land or complex setting to create a home tailored for you and your family?

Or maybe you are simply searching for something else. Something better.



We think and work differently. We strive to raise the quality of our surroundings and the way they are designed. Our goal is to create sustainable and long-lasting architecture that amplifies the inherent qualities or potential of the context and program. We believe in a holistic architecture where a humble approach to people and nature creates projects that reach beyond time and trends.

We work nationally and abroad with an international mindset and qualifications. By joining our skills and experience from working with projects at a local and international level, we are able to successfully deliver architecture that combines the expertise of a large architecture firm with the attention of a small, dedicated studio.



The ARDESS approach opens up a broad palette of competences for you to draw upon. 

Architecture / Interior design / Construction and Project Management.

We are open minded and well connected. So no matter the challenge, you can rely on ARDESS to orchestrate a carefully selected setup of creative designers, architects, engineers and other partners to successfully realize your project.

Our work focuses on: 

Residential designs with personality, functionality and added value in terms of design quality and better materials.
Cooperate buildings that draw attention. 

Public buildings and spaces that create a sense of belonging.



The key is to have a clear understanding of your vision, which can only be identified by asking the right questions. Years of experience have taught us what those questions are. We never try to impose a superior vision. But we challenge and transform your input and dreams through development of the context and functional program to turn it into a clear concept. Into something better.


Let’s talk

If anything were possible, what would you want to build?

We appreciate that most of us do not have a crystal clear idea of what we are looking for. But given the opportunity of choices we quickly rule out what we don’t want. 

In that sense, we are luckily never offered absolute freedom of thought, design, time and budget. There are always a significant number of restrictions that influence a project in every way. It is our job as architects to make the most of it, and by defining the success criteria of a project, we can push the envelope and the understanding of what is possible.

ARDESS as company name stands for ARchitecture / DEsign / Sebastian Schroers